Robert Keosheyan
Robert KeosheyanFounder and President
Principal, Digital Marketing
Sam Sgroi
Sam SgroiPrincipal, Sales Enablement
Tony Sherman
Tony ShermanPrincipal, Web Services

A Passion for Helping Marketers Learn and Succeed

Rob, Sam and Tony first met and became friends in 2011 while working and volunteering for Pop Culture Classroom, an educational non-profit in Denver, Colorado that promotes increased literacy and a love of learning using comics, gaming and entertainment.

As the three got to know each other, they soon discovered they had a lot in common. Each of them shared a passion for helping others through teaching and mentorship. Each had a love for the latest technology and pop culture. Each had spent more than 20 years (more than six decades collectively) in marketing, sales, event management and web development.

The more they talked, the more they realized there was a growing need in the market that wasn’t being filled.  B2B marketing and selling techniques were evolving so fast that many smaller and mid-sized companies were struggling to know which were truly effective and which were simply “strategy du jour” and would soon fade.

Further, it was becoming increasingly difficult for companies with leaner marketing and sales teams to connect the dozens of new online marketing tools into a cohesive, efficient and – most importantly – measurable set of processes across the company.

The idea and vision for Denver Brandworks (DBW) soon followed. It would be a new breed of digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes learn and master the latest techniques, optimized for buyers in an online-first world.

Soon after forming the company, the team discovered the HubSpot Marketing and Sales methodology.  The HubSpot company culture and core focus on education was a perfect match for the DBW vision and mission.  In early 2016, DBW became an official HubSpot Agency Partner and the HubSpot Methodology has become a primary part of the company’s marketing and selling strategies for itself and its clients.


DBW combines our team’s passion for teaching and mentoring, our love of technology and creativity, and our decades of professional experience to help companies of every size achieve their dreams of growth and success. Just as we continuously strive to improve our own business, we consistently work to make marketing and sales best-practices simpler and more accessible for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to enable teams at any skill level to adopt and master the techniques and solutions that deliver what matters most: More visitors, more leads, more sales and more promoters.


As part of our core set of values, we believe it is fundamentally important to support the communities in which we work. The DBW team is committed to donating 10% of our annual billable hours to non-profit organizations across the U.S.A. in the form of pro-bono consulting services. To date, DBW had donated hundreds of service hours and our goal is reach $100,000 in donated services by 2020.


Integrated, Measurable Digital Marketing and Sales – Simplified



Our integrated approach is designed to strengthen your brand across four key attributes. As each attribute grows, so does your overall brand strength, resulting in more visitors, more leads, more sales and more promoters.